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Embedded Systems, Publishers

Summary of Services


Sage Telecommunications is a specialist electronic design house. We provide quality hardware and software engineering solutions. We offer design packages from concept through to manufactured product.

The use of our services will ensure a cost-effective solution to your problem.


Analog and Digital Hardware Design
Software Design
Confidential Product Analysis / Design Review
Radio / Communication System Design
Manufacturing Packages
Technical Documentation
Product Assembly


Real time control systems
Diagnostic and remote control systems
VHF and UHF radio systems
Paging systems
Telemetry systems
Data modem equipment
Citect SCADA systems
'C' language on embedded controllers and IBM PC equipment
Assembly language ( Z80, 8085, 80x88/86, V25, V40, 8051, 68HC11, 6805, ST62xx & PIC16Cxx )
Visual Basic for Windows V5.0
EPROM, PAL / GAL programming
AS3563 / AS3901 standards


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