update #1 microbee compact flash and magic smoke

Well the magic smoke escaped from the power supply.

This stopped procedings for a couple of days while we sorted out the issue.

Decided to replace the original mid ’80s power supply with a new one.

Got back to working with the CF and have got the 8 bit data interface mode to work at last.

So now we have the full capacity of the CF available with a trivial hardware interface. I priced some CF sockets ~ $9ea and some CF breakout boards ~$25ea (ouch).

So it looks like a CF to IDE adaptor from ebay at ~$2-$5 ea is a bargain.

Now looking at which way to go with the software, roll my own or tweak some existing code to suit.

Suppose it depends if it’s the journey or the destination that’s important 🙂

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