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From their Australian offices in Perth, Western Australia, the Sage group provides hardware / software design, specialist electronic components, electronic modules and desktop publishing services.

Sage Telecommunications is our specialist electronic design division. We provide quality hardware and software engineering solutions. We offer design packages from concept through to manufactured product.

Embedded system hardware and software design services.
DonTronics range of SimmStick products. SimmStick
Electronic components, PIC processors, LCD's.

Sage Pages is our publishing division. As well as general desktop publishing we publish specialist interest books. We are currently reprinting Australian Aviation history books that have been out of print for a number of years.

Halfway To Heaven, Fred Hoinville's Classic autobiography about Australia's first commercial skywriter and gliding champion...

'Brolga' at Moorabin

Silk and Barbed Wire, These are stories of twenty-two Allied airmen shot down in World War II over Europe, their survival in pow camps, their attempts to escape and their final liberation.

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A Bomber Command Survivor, Stanley E Harrison's personnel tale detailing the rigorous ordeal facing a team of young men in one of history’s blackest times.

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Bombs and Barbed Wire, Wilf Hodgson's unique wartime memoirs written whilst returning home to Australia after surviving the war.

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